How do I create textfields in my form?


  • To create a text field, put the mouse cursor on the place where you want to insert the text field and click the  button. If you want to create a bigger text area, choose the  button.The following dialog pops up:

  • Figure: Textfield dialog: create a textfield in a form

  • It is sufficient to fill in theName/Naam field. This is the name that appears when you export the results of the form.

    Note: To prefill the contact profile: If you want that certain values are prefilled with the values known in the Addemar database about the contact, fill in the field Name/Naam with the name of the field in the Addemar database (replace spaces by underscore) and fill in the field Value/Waarde with the Addemar database code that you also use to personalize e-mails.

    Some examples:



    Figure: use the Addemar database code of the field as value to make synchronization from form to database possible.

  • When the form appears to your contact, these fields will be prefilled with the values stored about this contact in de Addemar database. Contacts can update the values, they will be updated in the database.

  • You can specify the size of the textfield in characters (Width/breedte) and the maximum number of characters that can be inserted in this text field (Max. number/maximum aantal), but this is not necessary.

  • Click OK to create the text field.