How do I create a new landing page?

To start creating a new landing page: In the Creation section, click the New landing page button.

For each landing page, you see the following information:


Name of the landing page. The name of the landing page is never shown to a visitor, it is for your own reference.


Language of the landing page. This defines the language of the standard sentences in the e-mail.


Description of the landing page, for your own reference.

Created on

Date on which the landing page was created.

Last update

Date on which the landing page was last updated.


On each landing page you can perform the following actions:

View and edit landing page

Click this icon to view the landing page and/or edit it. The interactive preview pops up.

Delete landing page

Click this icon to delete the landing page. A confirmation will be asked. You can retrieve deleted contact groups in the recycle bin.

Move landing page

When you create more folders within the E-mails folder, you can click this icon to move the e-mail to another folder.


Click this icon to copy the landing page. A copy of the landing page will be created in the same folder. You can edit the copy by clicking the  icon and change the name in the properties of the landing page.


Click this icon to preview the e-mail. A pop-up window shows the e-mail like it will appear in the receiver's inbox.



To create a new landing page:

  1. Go to the Create section and open the Landing pages folder.

  2. Click the  button. The New landing page dialog opens up.

  3. Select the template you want to use for your landing page.

    Note: Templates can be managed in the library.

  4. Select the language of your landing page. This selection determines the language of all fixed elements in the template, such as the default headings.

  5. Give your landing page a name. For later reference, you can also add a description.

    Tip: The name and the description of your landing page will not be shown to the visitors of the page. Make sure, however, to give all your landing pages a unique name, so that you can recognize them later.

  6. Click the Create button. Your landing page will be created based on the template you have chosen, and shown in the interactive preview.

  7. You can now:

    • Create the content of your landing page using the interactive preview.

    • Create the content of your landing page using the step by step wizard.

    • Change the colours and the fonts of the landing page.

    • Personalize the content of the landing page: refer to the visitor's name, company, etc.