How can I change the contacts view?

You can modify the characteristics that are shown for each contact in the Contacts overview in the Launch section. By default, you will see the e-mail address and the first three fields (first name, last name, title), but you can add any contact database field.

To modify the contacts view:

  1. Go to the Launch section and open the contacts folder.

  2. Click the  button. The Edit view dialog opens up.


    Figure: Contacts view dialog. Select the fields that should be shown on the Contacts overview in Launch.

  3. The characteristics that are now shown in the contacts view are displayed in the central area of this dialog.

  4. You can: Add characteristics by selecting them in the drop down Add field.

  5. Modify the order of the characteristics using the  buttons.

  6. Remove a characteristic from this list using the  button.

  7. Remove all characteristics from this list using the  button.

  8. If you want to reuse this view later, you can save this list of characteristics. Give it a name in the field "Save view as" and click "Save".

  9. Click the "Apply" button to apply this view. The characteristics you selected are shown in the overview now.


You can save different views, and set one as default. The default view is the one that will always be displayed when you enter the Contacts overview. To set a view as default, select the view in the list on the view and click Set as default.
If you want to delete a view, select the view in the list on the left and click Delete.