Managing your contact fields

You can manage your contacts in the Launch section.

The profiles of your contacts consist of different fields: e-mail, first name, last name, phone nr, ... You can manage these fields by yourself: you can create, edit and delete fields.

The fields of your contacts database can also appear on the edit profile page, that is the landing page accessible through each e-mail sent from your account. On this page, the receiver of the e-mail can change his own profile data.

You can use the field codes to personalize the content of your creations.

Open the fields folder. Here you see all the fields that have been defined in your account in Addemar.

These fields appear in the new contact and the edit contact dialog.

The order in which those fields appear is defined in the fields folder.

To create a new field, click the New field button.

For each field, you see the following information:


Label of the field


Code of the field, which you can use to personalize your creations.


If yes, this field is shown on the edit profile page.


Description of the field. For your own reference.

Created on

Date of creation.

Last update

Last time the field label, the description or the characteristics were updated.


On each field you can perform the following actions:


Click this icon to edit the field label, the description and the field characteristics. Here you can also define the labels in other languages and the settings for the edit profile page.


Click this icon to delete the field. A confirmation will be asked. You can retrieve deleted fields in the recycle bin.


Click this icon to move the field one place up. Repeat action to move the field to the top.


Click this icon to move down the field. Repeat action to move the field to the bottom.