What does my Spam score mean? How can I reduce my score?

Addemar uses Spam assasin as a thei spam check engine.

SpamAssassin is one of the most effective and popular content based spam filters on the market. It uses a scoring system where messages are tagged as spam only when they have enough spam characteristics in total.

A properly managed SpamAssassin installation correctly identifies 90% to 95% of spam with less than 1% false positives.

A score of more than 5 may cause deliverability issues while scores of greater than 10 frequently develop delivery issues. You should always aim to keep your score under 5 for each campaign you send.

Common content-based rules flagged by SpamAssassin

If you're having trouble avoiding a particular warning, here's an explanation of some of the more popular content-based filtering rules you might see along with some suggestions on how to avoid them. Please keep in mind that some of these filters go against the grain of best practice email marketing, such as penalizing you for including a reminder that the subscriber gave you their permission.

We don't recommend trying to avoid every rule in SpamAssassin, sometimes it's just not possible. As long as your score is below 5, you shouldn't run into any serious delivery issues.