Let your subscribers drive your campaign success

  • I want to test a campaign on different content and let my subscribers choose the winning version.
  • I simply want to do A/B subject testing


What does it do?

We have an A/B testing feature available for you.

It allows you to create, launch and evaluate A/B testing campaigns.


How does it work?

A/B testing campaigns consist out of 3 main parts in our application.

  • The creation of your A/B content
  • The launch and testing definitions of your campaign
  • The evaluation of the A/B testing campaign.


1. The creation fo your A/B content

Let's start with the creation.

When you start your' creation, it start like always with a NEW E-MAIL.



In the next step you choose the template you want to use.

After the template is choosen you need to specify the creation language and the mode.

As mode you need to choose A/B testing the allow the creation to be used in a A/B testing campaign.


A/B Testing mode selectie


Once you have created your A/B creation, you can start editing this creation.

Each template 'block' can be used to split into an A and a B version.


A/B Testing mode selectie


Each template block start with an A/B default block.

Would you like to add an A and a B version.


Just click 'add B version' tab and your content will be split into an A version and a B version you can change to your needs.


2. The launch of your A/B Campaign

Your A/B Content is all set and you are ready to launch your A/B testing campaign.

You start by launch a new campaign !

How to launch a campaign is explained here.

When you select a creation with your mode set to A/B Testing, your launch wizard will be adapted accordingly.



You'll notice that there are 2 things which differ when you have selected a A/B testing creation :

In the headers tab now has the possibility to add a B version of the following items :

  • Subject :  This allows you to simply do A/B Subject testing
  • From-name & From e-mail : This allows you to do A/B testing on these parameters as well.

Click on the  'add B version' action and fill in the B option field where needed !

You also notice a new tab in the left menu ( in the Headers - To - When menu ).

The A/B testing tab.



In this tab/menu you define the A/B testing definitions :
1. As a first you need to specify your test segments and your winner segment.

We set this by default to 20% for the test segments and 80% for the winner. You can however choose your own specifications.


2. You need to define how the winner will be choosen :

  • Best open rate :  The winner will be defined on the best open rate and sent out to the remainder segment. Ofcourse open rate is determined against the deliver rate.
  • Best click-to-open rate : The winner with the highest click rate determined against the open rate will be sent to the remainder segment.
  • Best click-to-deliver rate : The winner with the highest click rate determined against the delivery rate will be sent to the remainder segment
  • Best total unique clicks on a certain link : The winner will be the version with the highest total unique clicks on a link choosen in the dropdown.

It is possible to define a simple 50/50 A/B split segment without a winner


3. Here you define at what time a winner needs to be determined. It is possible to define this is minutes, hours and days.


Once this has been defined, you are ready to sent out your A/B testing campaign.


3. Evaluate your A/B campaign

Your A/B campaign is launched and you now what to see the succes of your campaign.
You open up the evaluate section of our campaign.


For an A/B testing campaign we have added 2 new sections :

  •  The high level  A/B testing metrics
  • A detailed overview of your A and B version



In our overview page of a A/B testing campaign we have added a high level overview of your different versions and their CTRs


You also notice an A/B Test Details tab, this page contains the funnels of both your A and B version.



1. The test definitions of your A/B test campaign.

2. The funnels of both your A and B test campaign


Happy testing !!