Release v2.41

Check out what we have optimized in this version of our application ( this was an internal release )


   More flexibility for your marketing campaigns

We are proud to announce you that we have shapeshifted our creation process.

No, don't be afraid it will not work completely different.

The way of working stays the same, however in the new process we have made it pretty easy for to create nice looking emails and it will not take you all day !

Read more about it here


Manage and use your social media channels on account level

 Check how you can easily manage and use your social media channels in your marketing communication.

Check it here


Easily save campaign openers, clickers in an existing contact group.

In the evaluate section of our application you can click-through to your openers, clickers etcetera.

We already offered to functionality to add these contacts into a new seperate contact group. 

We now added the function to also save these contacts into existing contacts groups.


  Webservices - EditorURL security fix

For integration project we have created a EditorUrl which allows you to use a creation and edit that creation completely outside our application.

We have optimized this method to work in a more secure way


Thumbnail generation optimized

Last year we added the functionality to generate branded thumbnails inside your template library. This process has been made better with this release.



February 2015