Release v2.47

Check out what we have optimized in this version of our application.


  Google Analytics management on Account level

We have optimized the way Google Analytics & Nedstat tracking work.

You can now manage your tracking domains on account level. These settings will be the default settings which can be overruled on campaign level.

You can see how it works here.


  Snooze function for your Addemar emails

We have created a 'snooze' functionality in our platform.

See what it can do for you by clicking this link.


  Sent campaigns based upon landingpage actions

Like click behaviour segmentation of emails campaigns we have created click behaviour segmentation on landingspages.

You have the possibility to filter on landingpage submitters or non-submitters, this allows you to easily create followup campaigns.

See here how this fabulous feature works.


  PowerMTA - text version enhancement

We have optimized our dynamic content feature for text versions. Our PowerMTA module has been enhancement to properly work with dynamic content.


  Launch mailings - performance update

We have improved our launch module and made it more performant, this is an ongoing process in our development cycle.


April 2015