Release v2.19

In this version ( called v2.19 ) the following features were added or updated:

  Launch Filtering:

This is scenario building! You'll be able to launch campaigns which take into account the opens/clicks of other sent campaigns. Read more.



Archive your 'old' creations, campaigns and contact groups automatically or manually. See how it works!


  Subscription lists update:

The subscription list mechanism has been extended. You can now personalize the subscription flow per subscription list. How?


  Unsubscribers sync mechanism

Sync you subscribers between to your Retail Master account and Child accounts, and take the unsubscribers from all child into account.


  Dynamic Content evaluation update

The Interactivity tab has been updated. It is now possible to ‘click’ the number of clicks of all your different links. (More on dynamic content)


  Editor line breaks :

Line breaks were changing the design/editing mode of your creation. This has been modified and is fixed.


  Editor quote escaping

The escaping of double and single quotes caused problems when delivering the mail. This issue is fixed.


  Editor - Empty blocks filling

Our editor had a standard setting to fill for example an empty table block with a   which of course caused the design of the mail to become messy. This setting has been turned off.


  Editor switch for IE8

IE8 and our new editor have a number of problems which can't be fixed. We have build in an automatic switch to our old editor when you are working in IE8. However it is strongly advised to upgrade your IE (and/or use Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome).


  Interactive preview and <p> tags

When an addemar tag was placed inside a <p> tag the text wasn't highlighted and thus not selectable for editing. This is fixed !


  Popup - Search field

Before, long fieldnames caused certain fields, etc to fall outside the search popup. This has been fixed: long fieldnames, long campaign names are cut short.


  PDF export

Before, long url names caused the pdf export to fail. Now the url name is adapted for the pdf export.


  Export results / contacts with cyrillic charachters

We now fully support the export of cyrillic characters in our application

January 2014