How do I track the results of my survey?

If you are creating surveys for your users, one of the most important things is going to be interpreting and viewing the results. Addemar Survey Module excels at this task, offering you many ways in which you can view the information, even allowing for customized summaries.

To get started, go to Evaluate > Surveys.  Once you are there, you will need to select a survey for which you wish to view results.


 Verified Results

  • This will show you the results, on a question-by-question basis, for all users who have verified the email address they have attached to the results. After completing the survey they were emailed a verification link. If the email address they gave was valid and they followed this link, their results will appear in this section.

  • Unverified Results
    This section displays the results, on a question-by-question basis, for all users who have not yet verified their results. This means that either the email address they provided did not work or they chose not to follow the verification link that was sent to them upon survey completion. These responses could still be valuable, and therefore, they are made available through this button.

  • All Results
    This button will display, on question-by-question basis, the results for all surveys, both verified and unverified.



If the survey you have selected to view results for did not have a user restriction of Email Verification, then the only button that will appear is:

  • View Results
    This button will display, on question-by-question basis, the results for all surveys.

After clicking one of these buttons you will be taken to the results on a question-by-question basis. If you wish to view results on a survey-by-survey basis, you should look at the Survey Summary which allows you to view and remove an entire survey response for an individual.



When you select a summary, the survey summary appears immediately on the screen:



The summary includes a list of the survey responses, the date it was completed, and user identification information. If Email Verification was used, the user identification information will be the address they supplied. Otherwise, an IP address for that respondent will be shown. It will also display the answers to any questions you marked in the Question Editor to show in the Survey Summary. You may click the date to open a new window displaying the survey with their answers.

The number of responses shown in this summary can be configured, and if the total responses overflows, there will be links at the bottom of the summary to view the next page of data.

Note: Addemar Survey Module allows you to make survey results public. Doing so allows your visitors to view question results using the table of contents, pagebreaks or all questions at once. This brings the power of complex internet polling software to php Questionnaire, offering even further flexibility. Your users will not, however be able to view individual survey results for each user.

User survey results will be shown on the same template that the survey itself has been shown on, allowing you to easily integrate this data into your existing site design.