How do I edit an image in a template?

To edit an image in a template, one needs to add a specific code in the template.

To do so:

- First locate the image in the original template. This code looks like this:

<img src='image_sample.jpg' width='116' height='79' alt='alttext'/>

- Change <img by <ADDEMAR type = "image".


To add extra functionality in the pop-up menu, one can also insert the following additional parameters to this tag:
- name = to appoint the image (appears also in the title of the pop-up).
- width = to set the width of the image
- heigth = to set. the height of the image
- alt = to set alternative text for the image
- border = to determine the need. whether or not an edge should be shown
- process = "scale" = This code ensures that the selected image automatically takes the predefined dimensions.
- href = to connect.a link to the image