Allow your contacts to snooze the email you send them.

  • As a marketeer you give your contacts the possibility to 'read' your email when they have time for it and want to read it.
  • Allow your contacts to specify the time and date that they want to 'read' your emails.


What does it do?

We have added a functionality which offers you a snoozing option.

What does this mean?

You can add a link or button which gives your contacts the option to receive the email in question on a later / other time.

Why do you want to offer this? It gives your 'readers' the flexibility to choose their reading time which hopefully results in a higher openrate of your marketing campaigns.


How does it work?

It is actually pretty easy. The only you need to add is the action which will trigger the snooze functionality.

<?add_snooze?> is the action you need to use inside your marketing campaign.

Let's give an example :

We create a simple email with a snooze button in the lower segment of our email



Inside the mail we have build a button, we have to put the <?add_snooze?>  functionality behind the call to action.


That's it !

When that email is sent to your contacts and they click the 'snooze this email'



They will arrive on the following option page



The option on that page explained

  •  later today :  this will send a reminder 4 hours later to the contact of the initial email.
  • Tommorow :  this will send a reminder of that email on the exact time tommorow.
  • Pick date & time :  this let's the contact choose when they want to receive the reminder/snoozed mail.