How to retrieve statistics from my campaign(s) using Web Services?

There are several ways to retrieve statistics from your campaign using web services.

In this case we will describe how you can retrieve all the different event results from your campaign.

Events are: sent, opened, clicked, etc.

For this you need to know all of your campaigns and your campaign items.

Use the calls described below to get a specific Campaign Item ID ( called ciid ).

Once you know your "campaign item id" we can move further.

In our example we use SOAPUI which is a SOAP User Interface application which allows you to easily use the Addemar web services.

In this case we'll use the getEvents call.

In the soap example the soap call looks like described below. We use a campagne item id ( 14 in this case ) and a transfertype "local" ( which gives us a file link to download ).

The getEvents() call returns a "job id" and with the getScheduledJobStatus call you can now get the status of your job.

Once the job is finished, you'll get a link to your statistics file.


If you now open that file, you will see results like the ones shown below.

This allows you interprete your campaign using the webservices.