Where can I find an monthly overview of the different mails I have sent out?

We have created a monthly overview of all the mails you have send out inside Addemar. Not only the campaing mails, but also the testmails, spamtest mails, reporting mails etcetera.

You need to go to My Account menu, and click the Overview submenu item.

Once clicked you'll arrive on the Monthly overview page.

You see the month, and also how many campaign you have sent, and how many mails to the number of contacts that month.

You can click on the month to have a more detailed overview.


In this detailed view you see all the campaigns that you have sent out that month and the details per campaign.

There is 1 Sent Items  table row, this row contains the standard mails which addemar sents out. Examples of these kind of mails are :

- Opt-in mails

- Report mails of each send out campaign

- Form reaction mails