Under the hood : detailed description of most useful campaign types !

  • Can you define all the different subtypes for both email and landigspages which can be used to automate auto responders flows.
  • I need to setup a subscribe flow, which are the different subtypes I need to use.


What does it do

With the detailed description of the different subtype you will be able to combine these subtypes into autoresponders.

How to use the different subtypes, is explained here

The detailed description

We will explain 2 sorts of subtypes : The subtype possibilities for emails and landingpages.

We did not explain all the different subtypes, just the most relevant ones. Should you need more explanation, please contact support@addemar.com

The different subtypes for emails explained

Default --> speaks for itself, a normal email

Subscribed --> Confirmation of your subscription

Double opt-in --> The double opt-in mail which will contain the link ( <?add_double?> ) to confirm the subscription.

Unsusbcribed --> The opt-out confirmation mail.


The different subtypes for landingpages explained

Default --> the default landingpage setting

Privacy Policy --> Create a own privacy policy page.

Unsubscribe --> Create a unsubscribe landingpage

Unsubscribed --> The Confirmation page when some one has unsubscribed completely

Already Unsubscribed --> Check page

Subscribe --> create and launch your own subscription form

Subscribed --> The confirmation page when you are fully subscribed.

Double opt-in --> The confirmation page when a double opt-in subscription form has been submitted

Form--> your landingpage which contains a form, a event form

Form OK --> the confirmation page of your form

Form Error --> The error page of you form, when something went wrong


p.s. We have more subtypes for both email and landingpages, please contact support@addemar.com should you need more information concerning all the different subtypes.