Easily integrate iCal events into your emails

  • Can I sent out a emails which contains a calendar event
  • Can I use iCal events in my emails


What does it do?

We have added an iCal block to our creation blocks and you can easily use this block to create ical events which can be used inside your emails.


How does it work?

Open up any creation which uses our new creation process.

Add a new block 




To add the iCal block, click it and it will be added to your creation.



To edit the block, click the block inside your creation and a popup will open up.

Inside this popup you can edit the agenda / ical entries


( 1 ) The ical entry itself



We offer :

    • title
    • location
    • start and stop time
    • option for an all day event
    • reminder option
    • text description for more details of the ical event


( 2 ) The content on how it is shown inside the email



Once you have edit the ical entry and its content, you can easily test it.

You'll that the link now will open up a *.ics file which can be opened by most of the email clients.