How do I create a new user?

When an account is created, the main user - the owner -, is created in the same time.

On each account, however, other users can be created. You can give other users the same access rights as you have, or you can reduce their access rights, and create, e.g. a reporting user.

To create a new user:

 - Click the My Account menu and open the Users menu.

Click the New user button which is located in the top left corner of your screen.


The New user dialog opens up.


Fill in:

- the first name and last name of the person that will be this user

- the e-mail address of this person

- Language: interface language for this user.

- Country: country from where the user is operating. This is used to control the regional settings.

- Timezone: timezone in which the user is operating. This is used to control sending time.

- the user login: This is the name used to log in. Choose a short name without spaces. A user login should be at least three characters.

- the password of this user. Fill in a password and repeat this password in the second text area. A password should be at least three characters, combining numbers and letters.

- the validity of the user login. Click the button and select a date and hour on the calendar pop-up. When a user's validity term is over, he will not be able to log on anymore.

if this user is a validator, check the checkbox. Read more about validation on account level.

- Click Add to create the new user.

- The access rights tab opens up. Define the user's access rights.

- Click Save.

The new user will be added to the Users overview.