How do I edit a user profile?

  1. Go to the My account section and open the Users folder.

  2. Click the icon next to the user whose profile you want to change.

  3. On the different tabs, you can:

    1. edit the user profile

    2. change the password

    3. change the access rights

    4. view the history

To edit a user's profile:

On the Profile tab, you can change:

  • the first name and last name of the person

  • user login: This is the name used to log in. Choose a short name without spaces.

  • the e-mail address of this person.

  • language: interface language for this user.

  • country: country from where the user is operating. This is used to control the regional settings.

  • timezone: timezone in which the user is operating. This is used to control sending time.

  • disabled: check this checkbox to disable the user temporarily. The user login will be blocked. To enable again, just uncheck the checkbox.

  • the validity of the user login. Click the button and select a date and hour on the calendar pop-up. When a user's validity term is over, he will not be able to log on anymore.

To change a user's password:

Click the Password tab. Filll in a new password and repeat this new password in the second text area. Click Save. The old password is removed from the system, and the new password can be used from this moment.

Note: To change your own password, you have to fill in first your current password.

To modify a user's access rights:

Click the Access rights tab. You see all environments and sections of the application. You can define for each environment whether the user has access to it, and do the same for each section and its folders.

Choose Normal to give access, None to deny access.

E.g. When you want to create a reporting user, select the Home environment. Leave the global setting on Normal, but select None for all sections except for the Evaluate section. Within the Evaluate section, you can still decide whether you give access to campaigns and contacts, or only to campaigns. Select the Agency environment and set global setting to None. The reporting user will not have access to the Agency environment.

To view a user's history:

Click the History tab. You can see when this user logged on and off, via which page, and on which internet connection he operates.