Can I preformat fields while importing?

We have implemented a powerfull pre-formating features which allows you to format fields while importing.  First you'll have to activate this setting in your account settings.

Click the My account menu from the left navigation menu and click the settings sub-menu.

Once clicked, you'll arrive on the settings page, scroll down until you find the following section.

Click the account settings link and inside the popup search enable field functions.

Check the checkbox to activate this feature and click save.

Once activated, you have the following options for your fields.

Click the segment section in the left navigation menu, and click the fields sub-menu


Inside the fields page, click on the icon for the field you want to preformat. In our example Firstname



Inside the popup, you'll now see a new checkbox where the field functions - or preformatting is active.


The different pre-formatting options are :

First char uppercase

First char each word uppercase

All uppercase

All lowercase.

Select preformatting you need. In our case we took First char uppercase.

Thsi field will now preformat the values during import !