Filter your campaign results !

  • For a campaign which was sent over mulitple days, can I check the campaign result per sending day?
  • Can I filter on a specified date range when evaluating my recurrent campaigns?


What does it do?

For campaigns which where spread over 24 hours, we allow our end users to filter the evaluation metrics with a date range.

This allows you to get campaign results for that date range.


How does it work?

When you go to the evaluate page of your campaign ( our Evaluation section ) and the campaign was send over a period greater then a day you will see the following date picker.


The date range picker will automatically take the date when the first email was sent out and the date the last email was sent out.

Once clicked open, you can select your date range :

  • or with the month overview selection
  • or with filling in the range yourself.



When you have selected you range, click on the apply button, and the evaluation page will adjust to your selected range.

To un-select the range click the clear button in the upper right corner.


This allows you to easily filter your campaign results !