How to send personalized emails using Addemar Web Services

In Addemar you can sent out hyper personalized emails using our web services.
We have the functions called SendTriggeredItem or SendTriggeredItemXML which allow you to trigger campaigns send to specific contacts.

These functions can be found under the description of our web services at .

Here's how you can create very flexible and personalized campaigns. 
Those functions will allow you to send content, based on your contact’s needs and interests.

Here is how you set this up:

Inside your email creation you need to specify the blocks into addemar tags.


Say you want to sent 3 hyper personalized content blocks each filled with articles coming from your website: 





The addemar tags will be parsed with content for each contact separately.

Now you specify the content for each of these blocks to be used in your sendTriggeredItemXML.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<addemar type="webservice" version="1.3">
<sendtriggereditems ciid="31" insertContact="1" updateContact="1">
            <article1_content>html for article 1</article1_content>
            <article2_content>html for article 2</article2_content>
            <article3_content>html for article 3</article3_content>


The XML structure will allow you to build this up for contact chunks.

Important: We highly recommend to split XML files into 5000 contacts max.