How do I create a drop down list in my form?

To create a drop down list, put the mouse cursor on the place where you want to insert the drop down list and click the  button.

The following dialog pops up:


Figure: selectbox dialog: create a selectbox in a form 


  • Fill in the Name/Naam field. This is the name that appears when you export the results of the form.

  • You can fill in the size of the field in rows.

  • If you want your contacts to be able to select more options, indicate the checkbox " Admit combined selections/Gecombineerde selecties toestaan"

  • In the field "Text/Tekst", fill in the value you want to appear in the drop down. Click Add/Toevoegen to add it to the list. Repeat this step until you have all values. You can order the values by using the Up and Down buttons.

  • Click OK to create the drop down.