Our send to friend solution

Creating a send to friend action

One way to grow your opt-in mailing list is to do a send-to-friend action. You include in your e-mail a button or a small form that invites the receiver of the e-mail to send this e-mail to one of his friends or colleagues. The friend who receives the forwarded e-mail will be invited to subscribe to the mailing list, so that he will receive the e-mails himself the next time.

When you do a send-to-friend action in Addemar, you will find in the results of the campaign how many e-mails have been forwarded, and contacts who subscribe (and only those) will be added to your contacts database in a separate mail group.

The send-to-friend action is totally prepared in Addemar, and can be realized in two ways:

  • you include a link in an e-mail. This link leads to a form on a standard landing page, where the receiver of the e-mail can fill in the name and address of his friend and a message, and click a button to forward the e-mail.

  • you include a form in an e-mail. In this form, the receiver of the e-mail fills in the address of his friend and forwards the e-mail.

Note: you can only insert send to friend links and forms in e-mails, not in landing pages.

Inserting a forward link in an e-mail

Figure: example of a send-to-friend link in an e-mail

To include a forward link in an e-mail:

  1. Create the content of the message.

  2. Put the cursor where you want to insert the forward link.

  3. Click the icon.

  4. In the pop-up that comes up, first make sure the checkbox Replace actual content is not checked.

  5. Choose Send to friend link. The link to the Send to friend form standard landing page is created on your email.

  6. You can change the text of the link if you want.

The contact who receives the e-mail with the link, clicks the link. A send-to-friend form appears on a landing page in the house style of the account. He fills in and hits the Send button.

Figure: send-to-friend form on standard landing page, accessible through send to friend link in e-mail.

Inserting a forward form in an e-mail