How do I upload a contacts file which is larger then 8MB

  • I can't upload contacts files which are larger then 8MB
  • My upload of my large contacts file fails


What does it do?


When you want to import contact files with a size larger than 8,00 MB, it is best to use the FTP functionality. You can only import via FTP using the CSV format.


How does it work?


1. Prepare the contacts file you want to upload and save it in .CSV.

2. Create an FTP user in Addemar.

3. Use an FTP application of your choice to upload the contacts file to the Import folder you find on the Addemar FTP server. ( for example Filezilla )

4. Go to the Segment - contacts section. (Click the contacts submenu from the left navigation bar in the interface. )

5. Click the  Import button. The Import dialog opens up. The files you put in the Import folder on the FTP server appear on the screen.

6. Click the filename to start importing this file into your Addemar contacts database.

7. Depending on the server load and the size of your file, you will find an Import button or a Schedule import button on the bottom of the screen (scroll down).

8. If there is an Import button, importing will start immediately. The imported contacts are shown in the contacts folder. They are also added to the contact groups you specified.

If there is a Schedule import button, importing will be scheduled and executed as soon as possible. When importing is ready, a new note will be sent to you. You find an overview of all scheduled tasks for your account in My Account > Scheduler.