How do I search for a specific contact?

To search contacts:

  1. Go to the Launch section and open the contacts folder.

  2. Click the  Search button. The Search dialog opens up.

  3. Create the search rules.

  4. You can combine different conditions using a separator.

  5. Click the Search button. All contacts that reply to the search criteria are shown.

Tip: You can now export or delete the contacts in the search results.

To formulate search rules, keep in mind that:

  • Each row contains a condition which the results should meet.

  • Some examples of conditions:





    "Living in New York"




    "all education accounts"




    "in contact group Books"

    In 'Books'



    "not in contact group tablets"

    NOT in 'tablets'



  • Rows can be combined using a separator:

    • AND: results will meet both conditions
      e.g. if you want to send to the contacts living in Manhattan, NY and having an .edu e-mail address, combine the two conditions above with AND.

    • OR: results will meet at least one of the conditions
      e.g. if you want to send to two contact groups, select one contact group, the OR separator, and the second contact group.

  • You can use the following wildcards:

    • "%" for more than one character

    • "_ or ?" for one character

  • You can delete a condition by clicking the Delete button.

To save a search:

  1. Formulate the search condition you want to save.

  2. In the field below, fill in a name for this search.

  3. Click Save. The pop-up closes down.

  4. When you reactivate the search pop-up, the search you just saved will appear in the menu on the left of the screen.