How can I change the fields which are shown on the edit profile page.

 Our platform allows people who receive mails to edit their profile. The profile page is filled with the fields YOU allow them to see and edit.

This needs to be done in your segment section. Here you have a submenu fields.If you navigate to this menu, you'll see page where all your fields ( like email, firstname , ... ) are shown with their settings.

One of these settings is the Show setting. As seen on the screenshot here below.


This setting makesit possible to show or not show this field on the edit profile page of the end-user.

If the field is set to Yes. The field is shown on the edit profile page and the end-user can adapt this field.

The change this field, you need to edit your field. This is done by clicking the icon . A popup is shown with the different optins you can change on field level.

Click the Edit profile tab ( as shown on the screenshot) .

Here you can put the option to Yes or No.


Show :  here you can check if the field needs to be shown on the edit profile page or not.

Required :When required is checked, the field is mandatory and cannot be left empty

Readonly : When readyonly is checked, the field is shown but is not editable for end-user. For example best to use for e-mail as this is the primary key !.


That how you define the out look of your edit profile page, and how you allow mail receivers to adapt their own profile.