Custom subscription pages and subscription lists.

In our application you are able to work with interest groups. How this is setup is described here

And you are also able to setup your own custom subscription pages inside our application. Read more about it here.


If you want to create a custom subscription and/or custom unsubcription pages, check this document

Now if you have subscription lists where people can define their own preferences. We have added the functionality to simply 'load' the contact data already for these groups.

Inside the form you need to define your group listing ( ask our form more information )

Once you have you groups listed, simply define the checkboxes as defined here below.

<input add_sublist_checked="11" name="add_subscriptionlist" type="checkbox" value="11">

<input name="add_subscriptionlist_available" type="hidden" value="11">

We know this is rather technical, but can be very powerful to define custom subscription pages.