What are the system requirements for using our application?

Our application is a web-based application that works in most web browsers.

In this document we describe what browser are supported for our application.

Our Compatible Browsers

  • Mozilla Firefox ( version 23 and above )
  • Safari ( version 6 or above )
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer ( version 9 and above )
    • The lifecycle of IE8 has ended together with the support for Windows XP therefor IE8 as a browser isn't supported any longer by our application and/or helpdesk.
      • The official Windows comunication can be found here
  • Google Chrome ( version 28 or above )

Browser Settings

  • Make sure cookies are enabled in your browser so all elements of our application work as expected.
  • Pop-ups and JavaScript should be enabled in your browser so you can view errors, alerts, and preview screens.
  • The minimum screen resolution should be set to 1024 x 768 for optimal viewing. A higher resolution if possible is recommended !
  • The latest version of Flash is required to view our evaluation page as this page has metrics which are rendered by Flash player plugin.

Mobile Devices

When working on a mobile device, ourapplication will resize and adjust to any mobile device down to a tablet, even Mobile phones are supported. Although we strongly recommend to work with the supported browser which are stated here above because they will give a far better User Experience than any mobile device.

The evaluation page will not work properly on iOS. iOS doesn't support the Flash Player and our evaluation

Compatible Mobile browsers

  • iOS: Safari
  • Android: Chrome