How to define dynamic conditions?

To use dynamic conditions, the acccount setting needs to be activated.

Go to my account, and click the settings submenu

Scroll down on the settings page and click the account settings section.

Inside the popup search for enable dynamic content feature.

Here is an example to better illustrate how to define "dynamic conditions".

We use the following as example :

The supermarket started with a block of content for every theme of interest. Then they define conditions on each of the blocks, so that every customer receives only the themes of interest according to his subscription.

To define dynamic conditions:

In Create section, create a new email, how to do this step by step is described here.

When you start with the creation, you need to select Dynamic Creation in the popup


Inside your email creation, click the section which you want to use for your dynamic content.



In this editor popup you now have the functionality to define dynamic definitions based upon your contacts segmentation.

In our example we make a 'bio'  and a 'non bio' condition.

The content shown on the Default tab will be shown by default. In this case to the contacts that have indicated "bio" as their theme of interest.

Click on the Add... tab to define a condition. The second tab opens up and shows the same block of text.

We define the content for those who did not indicate "bio" as their theme of interest.


Call the tab "no bio" to indicate the condition.

Define the condition by selecting fields and creating a rule (do this the same way as for a dynamic contact group). In this case, bio = 0, means the contacts who did not indicate "bio" as their theme of interest.

Then you define the content that should be shown to those contacts that meet the condition. In this case, the content block should remain empty: for those who are not interested in ecological food, no "bio" block should be shown. If this block is empty, it will not be shown on the final email.

Click Save to finish creating the conditions for the theme "bio".

Then do the same for the other themes in the email.

Once the dynamic defintions are build up and your content is ready. You can preview all your dynamic conditions by clicking the preview button in the upper right corner.



Choose the dynamic condition you would like to see and click preview.

The bio example :


The non bio example :



For more question don't hesitate to contact our support or your account manager.