Our updated font set & font family

  • I want to use more fonts in my creation, it this possible?
  • What kind of fonts and font family do you offer.


How does it work?

We have updated our font set to be in line with the current standards of today !


What does it do?

In your colours and fonts as well as in our editor we have added more fonts and we updated our font families.

Here you have a list of the new fonts, their font family and their



Sans Serif


Font family
Arial Arial, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, sans-serif
Arial Black Arial Black, Arial Bold, Gadget, sans-serif
Arial Narrow Arial Narrow, Arial, sans-serif
Verdana Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif
Geneva Geneva, Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif
Futura Futura, Trebuchet MS, Arial, sans-serif
Helvetica Neue Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif
Century Gothic Century Gothic, CenturyGothic, AppleGothic, sans-serif
Calibri Calibri, Candara, Segoe, Segoe UI, Optima, Arial, sans-serif
Trebuchet MS Trebuchet MS, Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Sans , Tahoma, sans-serif
Gill Sans Gill Sans, Gill Sans MT , Calibri, sans-serif
Lucida Lucida Grande, Lucida Sans Unicode, Lucida Sans, Geneva, Verdana, sans-serif
Impact Impact, Haettenschweiler, Franklin Gothic Bold,Charcoal, Helvetica Inserat, Bitstream Vera Sans Bold, Arial Black, sans serif
Segoe UI Segoe UI, Frutiger, Frutiger Linotype, Dejavu Sans, Helvetica Neue, Arial, sans-serif




Font family
Times New Roman Times New Roman , Times, Baskerville, Georgia, serif
Georgia Georgia, Times, Times New Roman , serif
Garamond Garamond, Baskerville, Baskerville Old Face , Hoefler Text , Times New Roman , serif
Palatino Palatino, Palatino Linotype , Palatino LT STD , Book Antiqua , Georgia, serif
Bodoni MT Bodoni MT, Didot, Didot LT STD, Hoefler Text, Garamond, Times New Roman, serif




Font family
Courier New Courier New, Courier, Lucida Sans Typewriter, Lucida Typewriter, monospace
Lucida Sans Typerwriter Lucida Sans Typewriter, Lucida Console, Monaco, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, monospace
Monaco Monaco, Consolas, Lucida Console , monospace
Brush Script MT Brush Script MT , cursive