Release v2.17

This maintenance window will roll-out new features as well as increase application performance and usability. In this document we highlight these features.

The Addemar software has a new outfit :

The highlights of this new outfit are :

  • Mobile responsive design :  The interface has been made reponsive to work perfectly on tablets. The interface will adapt to the size of your available screen.

  • Easier navigation menu :

To increase the user experience we have made the navigation menu more to the point. The menu contains all the addemar section elements and makes it easy to navigate through our software.

*menu adapts itself to the screen size. On mobile devices it will become an icon menu, or a top screen menu.

  • Better folder management :

The new folder system has been extracted from the navigation menu and is only available on demand. While searching through your folder structure you will not be bothered with the navigation. Once you have selected the correct folder, you'll stay inside this folder and the folder navigation is minimized.

  • A NEW Knowledge base system :  If you haven't noticed it already, you are using it right now! We have created a knowledge base system with a good search engine. If you need help with our application, simple click the help link inside the left top menu and start searching for help.


Addemar also offers some extra's:

  •  2 simple fixed scenario wizards : the reminder scenario and the subscription scenario make child's play to create a reminder or follow-up scenario. For more information please contact us at
  • new mobile responsive templates : Make sure to check out your template library and see these fresh templates.
  • import functions to better format the segment data : This feature is described in this help document. Click here
  • Prefilled select box field :  The pre-filled checkbox feature allows you to have a field in the segment data where you can put standard values. Click here to get more info
  • opt-in/double opt-in option for imports : This feature is described in this help document. Click here
  • xlsx import is possible from now on


Addemar optimizations :

  • asynchronous feedback processing : This core addemar mechanism will have a huge impact on the user experience, as the evaluation section will be less impacted by the feedback processing of your campaign
  • Segment optimilization & evaluation optimalization : We have implemented caching principles on the segment section and evaluation sections in order to improve the end-user experience while browsing through the application.

Should you need more information don't hesitate to contact us at

October 2013