How can I replace a standard message by my own custom message?

  • Not happy with the standard sentence appearing after submitting a form?
  • Want your own copy in the unsubscribe page?
  • Have an original idea for your confirmation email?
  • ...

Start using our 'launch subtype' feature!

What does it do?

It will enable you to create your own message (email of landing page) and to replace the standard one in Addemar, either as the default or as a one time thing.


How does it work?

First activate the feature in My account - settings - account settings (all the way down in the grey area)

A popup will appear where you can activate 'launch subtypes'.


Once activated you can start launching the messages you prepared! (!Make sure the email message or landing page message is fully tested and approved!)

But what do you want to do?
- do you want a page that always overrules the standard Addemar one?
- do you want it to overrule the standard Addemar page only this once?

Let's work with an example: a simple thank you page called Custom Thank You.

Case 1 : This page is used once in a certain campaign when people submit a form
Case 2 : This page needs to overrule/override the Addemar standard page when people have submitted a form

Case 1 : This page is used once in a certain campaign
You need to launch your page inside your campaign (launch with campaign). 

Select the correct subtype in 'item type'. In our case form OK (more on subtypes)


Case 2 : This custom page / mail needs to overrule/override the Addemar standard pages.

If you want your creation to be the default, you'll need to launch it in the root level of the Campaigns section inside the Evaluate section. You'll launch it without campaign.


Then choose your correct subtype and launch it (more on subtypes).

It will now be the default.