How do I export unsubscribers?

You can export contact details from Addemar in CSV, XLS or XML format.

Note: If you plan to import the same file again in Addemar later, work in CSV or XML.

To export "unsubscribers":

Go to the Segment section and open the"Contact Groups" and click on the icon for the "unsubscribers list" 

Depending on the number of contacts you want to export, a direct export or a scheduled export will be proposed. Click the  button to start the process



If there is an Export button, exporting will start immediately.
Select the export format and click Export.
Download the exported file on your system.

If there is a Schedule export button, exporting will be scheduled and executed as soon as possible.
You cannot choose the export format, only .CSV is possible.
When exporting is ready, a new note will be sent to you. You can download the exported file from the note.