Release v2.43

Check out what we have optimized in this version of our application


   Creation process -  barcode tag

We have improvede the way you can use barcodes in our application.

Interested in what we improved, read more about it here.


   upgrade Swift mailer class

We have upgraded the Swift Mailer class which is used by our application to the latest stable version 5.2.2-1 ( based upon debian jessie system ).

More information concerning the swift mailer can be found here.


Temp folder cleanup

Since more and more of our customers are using integrations, especially for syncing / importing contacts. We created a cleanup script which will clean up all your import files.


  Scenario wizards - countContacts

We have improved the Contacts count in our scenario wizards.

Interested in how these wizards work, click here to see how they work.


  Evaluation - Caching mechanism & SSL content

 We have build our evaluation caching system more securely by assuring ssl is used for each block in our evaluation section.

March 2015