Release v2.45

Check out what we have optimized in this version of our application.


  Improvement of our click-process

We have optimized our asynchronouous process for the click processing, resulting in almost nihil impact for our clickers, your contacts.


  Sending campaigns are now available on the homepage

We have optimized our homepage. When you have actual 'sending' campaigns, there will be a new block 'Sending' under the latest campaigns section in our homepage.

This makes it easier for you to navigate to that actual campaign while it is sending.


  Content Delivery Network Improvement

We have optimized the way our Content Delivery Network works.

The result is even faster loading images for all your campaigns.


  Personalisation fields inside personalisation fields

We have optimized our personalisation functionality. You can now use personalisation fields inside personalisation fields. This gives you more flexibility for building your personalized content blocks.


  Copy creation - inherit mode improvement

We have optimized our creation copy process. The creation mode ( dynamic or normal ) from the source creation is properly saved in the new creation.


March 2015