Release v2.48

Check out what we have optimized in this version of our application.


  Addemar templates -  link decoration feature

 We have added a style option to have you links decorated ( read underlined ) or not in our latest templates. 

Inside the colours and fonts popup we have added a Text Link Decoration which allows you toggle between underlined or non-underlined links.



We have aded 3 link decoration options :  Text links, Column links and System links.

How you can use our newest templates to access this feature is described here.


  Performance optimization

We have optimized our click-tracking and our dynamic content feature to have as little as possible impact on our click tracking which results in a smoother application for you while sending out campaigns and in a better user experience while clicking for your subscribers.


  Campaign reload - link tracking landingpages creations

We have optimized our campaign reload mechanism. Links to landingpage creations will now be tracked better.

 How to reload your campaing is described here

May 2015