Release v2.54

Check out what we have optimized in this version of our application.


  PDF version of your campaign

It is now possible to download a PDF version of your campaign(s).

This allows you to share your campaigns, f.e. on your own website.

More information can be found here.


  New fonts set in our creation proces

We have updated our available font-sets.

The new font sets offer you more fonts and their font-families are more aligned to current standards.

See here which fonts & font families we offer !


  Launch of your campaign

When you launch a new campaign direcly from inside the creation you are editing / finishing.

This creation is now auto-selected in that new campaign. This results in a better UX for our users.


  Launch of subtypes

In our platform you are able to launch or overrule the standard emails / landingpages with our subtypes solution.  It is now possible to launch subtypes inside a certain folder.

f.e. you want a non-standard double optin flow for newsletters subscribers. You simply need to launch these subtypes into a folder called Newsletter. 

The mechanism work from this certain folder and bottom-up.

How to work with our subtypes is explained here.

August 2015