Release v2.20

Check out what is updated, resolved and available for you in this version.

  Database filter(s)

We have implemented the ability to assign filters which wil be used while launching your campaigns.

Read more about this feature here.

  Export of Cyrilic characters for both CSV and Excel files

The possibility to export your contact/campaign data is extended with the support for Cyrilic characters (f.e. Russian )


  CK editor - "\n" code optimization

The CK validator editor has been optimized for "\n" javascript code. To use this optimization you'll need to add "\n" explicit inside your javascript code ( for example inside your validation functions of your form ).

Check out this document as a reference.


  CK editor - Image editing optimization

In our editor we had a small issue when 2 editor-bars where available. Images in the second editor text-area gave issues, with release v2.20 this issue has been resolved.


  getFormData optimization

With our extended webservices you can export your landing page data. For example a subscription form for an event. We have optimized this export to support large exports.


February 2014