How do I create a button in my form?

To insert a button, place your cursor where you want to insert the button and click the  icon.

The following dialog pops up:


Figure: insert a button on a form

  • In the field Name/Naam, fill in the action you want the button to execute. Choose between the following:
    • action_submit: if you want that the results of the form are exportable in the evaluate section

    • action_editmixed: if you used both Addemar database code and other values in your form and you want the fields to be updated in the Addemar contacts database and exportable in the evaluate section.

    • action_subscribe: if you want to create a subscription form (see subscription form to know more)

    • action_unsubscribe:  if you want to create an unsubscribe form (see unsubscribe form to know more)

  • The text you want to appear on the button should be filled in in the field Text (Value)/Tekst (Waarde).

  • As type, always select Submit/Versturen.