How can I edit the fields of my contacts section?

Fields define the profile that is kept for each contact in Addemar.  

To edit a field:

  1. Go to the Launch section and open the fields folder.
  2. Click the  icon next to the field you want to edit. The Edit field dialog opens up.
  3. This dialog contains three tabs:
  • Characteristics: this tab contains all characteristics of the field.
  • You can fill in and update all these fields.


General name of the field. A label can be defined per language, see the Labels tab.


Type of the field. This defines the required format of the inserted value. (e.g. date, number, file, selectbox)



Make a field unique if you want to make sure that each inserted value is unique. (e.g. e-mail address is a unique field)


Make a field required if you want to make sure that this field is always filled in.

Import formatting


Apply a certain formatting to the values in this field while importing. 

Note: This option is only available upon request. Contact the Addemar team to activate this.



The code is generated automatically based on the name of the field. This code is used to personalize the content of your e-mails.



Description of the field. For your own reference.


  • When you are ready editing, click the Save button to confirm your modifications. Click Exit to discard your modifications.Labels: this tab contains all labels of the field in different languages. When the field is used in a form (e.g. edit profile page), the right language will be used.
  • Edit profile: this tab defines the settings for this field regarding the edit profile page.

More about field types


You can choose the type Selectbox as a field type. A selectbox can be used for fields where a selection can be made out of a list of options. These options will be visible in the Addemar database, and in all forms using this field.


To implement a selectbox:

  1. Go to the Launch section and open the fields folder.

  2. Click the  icon next to the field you want to edit or create a new field. The Edit field dialog opens up.

  3. If you choose selectbox as Type, the following screen is displayed:

    Figure: when you select Selectbox as field type, you can insert values for the drop down box

  4. Define the Selectbox Values. (here "m" and "v").
    These are the background values that will not appear anywhere in the selectbox.
    You should, however, use these values in the files you import (so "m" and "v", not "M" or "V", "masculin", "F", etc).

    Click the Labels Selectbox tab. The following dialog opens up:

    Figure: if you activate a selectbox, a new tab appears where you can insert translation for the selectbox values

  5. Here you can define the labels for the "m" and "v" values in all different languages. It is these labels that will appear when this field is used in a form, such as the Edit profile page.