What are the custom field options in Addemar?

In the 'Launch' section, option 'Fields' you have the possibility to choose a field type. Below you'll find overview of this types with a short explanation:

Text field If you select the Text field type, values inserted in this field can be in any format, there is no check on the format.
Email If you select the Email type, values inserted in this field should always be an email address, of the format xxxxx@yyyyy.zz.
Number If you select the Number type, values inserted in this field should always be number (12 or 54870654). Spaces are not allowed.
Phone number If you select the Phone number type, values inserted in this field should always be composed of numbers. Dots (.), plus (+) and spaces are allowed (015 678 678, or +32 15 678 678, or even Slashes (/), parentheses ( '(' or ')' ) or dashes (-) are not allowed.
Date If you select the Date type, values inserted in this field should always be of the DD/MM/YYYY format (23/02/2010).
AutoNumber If you select the Autonumber type, the value in this field increments automatically for each contact you insert. E.g. when you import 100 contacts, the first contact will have number 1, the second number 2, the last number 100. When you import a next time, numbering will start from 101. This can be used for unique IDs, for instance.
File If you select the File type, the value in this field should be an URL (http://www.addemar.com/home.php or \\driver\disk\file).
Selectbox If you select the Selectbox type. You can create a drop down box. Insert the values you want to appear in the selectbox menu. One value per line. Press ENTER to go to the next line. Tip: if you want to show this field on the Edit Profile page or on another form, make sure the translations are filled in. Open the properties of the field by clicking the icon. Go to the tab Labels Selectbox and fill in all translations.