Create a nice looking email with just a few actions

  • How can I create a nicely designed email with the custom addemar templates.
  • How can I change the look and feel on my seperate email?


What does it do?

In our application we have  added 6 new templates for you to use and adjust where needed. These new templates are named :

  • Newsletter boxed
  • Articles boxed
  • Newsletter wide*
  • Articles wide*
  • LeftColumn_newsletter
  • RightColumn_newsletter

Choose one the start your creation in the creation popup window.

In our  example we choose the Articles wide, the difference between the boxed and wide templates is described here.


This gives you the following example, which is the standard template adjusted with your look and feel.


With the palet you can easily adjust the block hierachy as well as the colours of each block.

For example, I don't want to have that 'parrots' article, simply click the to delete the block.

You will get the following confirmation pop-up


Click yes, and the block will be removed from your creation.

We do the same actions for the call action block which was below that article block and the seperator as well. Then we end up with this creation.



Let's re-work our creation from top to bottom.

We start with the preheader

Why should you use a good preheader is explained here.

We are going to sent a communication email concerning our new creation process.

So our preheader is going to be : Create superb marketing campaign with ease


The next thing we adjust is our Logo banner block

We have clicked the logo image and adjusted this to a better image. We also filled in the proper al name and placed our website link behind the image for when people click our logo.



When that is finished we will adapt the color of the block.

We have choosen a wide template, this makes it possible to adjust the complete block color.

So we click the icon of the top block, and start adjusting colors.


- The Block Background color is the left & right regions of the block not containing any text or image

- The Block Content Background color is the rest of the block


When we save the block with the adjustments as shown above in the popup.

We do the same actions for the Subject block.

This results in the following creation already.



We would like to remove the 2 articles next to each other as well as the 3 articles next to each. Easier done then said ! Just click the of both blocks and they are gone.

We want to add the a Left Image Article and a Right Image Article

Easy, click the  and choose the following block from the popup


If you want to move both block to get a better order. Simply click the to move your block order.

Adjust images and texts where needed by simply clicking the images or texts.

We removed the contact block and added and adjusted the social media block.

We also highlighted the needed texts and inserted a HTML table button.



We still feel something is missing inside this already nice looking email.

Let's add an intro text for our customers, simple click the and add the Simple Article block.

Adjust the text and colors where needed.

We also added the separator block between the different sections.

Actually we added 1 separator block adjusted the colors and thickness of the separator.



We then simply duplicated this block by clicking the .

Once we duplicated the block, we simply moved the separators to their correct place using the   icons.

The result is our finished email :


This mail is mobile responsive, which simple means the mail adjusts its look and feel depending on which device it is opened.

Let's see some result.

This is the mail a seen on a desktop mail client.



This is how the mail adjusts on a mobile phone ( iphone 5 )




That's it, that's all... pretty simple isn't it.

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