How can I manage my contacts into different interest groups?

The Addemar platform offers an automated system to unsubscribe.

Anyone of your contacts that wishes to unsubscribe will be sent to a landing page where they’ll find the question: ‘Do you want to unsubscribe? Yes/No’.

If someone states ‘yes’, that person will be unsubscribed in Addemar. This person will not be contacted any more!

But what if you send out different types of messages (for instance customer loyalty, informative and promotional)?

If someone unsubscribes from your promotional mailings, you also loose him/her for informative and customer loyalty emailings...

So we came up with a solution called ‘subscription lists’.

An example of the subscription lists on an Edit profile page:

Now, if someone unsubscribes from your promotional mailings, you can still contact him/her for informative and customer loyalty emailings!

How do you set it up?

  • Go to the Segment section.
  • Click on Contact Groups.
  • Create a new contact group or edit an existing contact group.
  • Enter a name and select 'Subscription list' in the Special dropdown box.

With the Visibility option you can show (or hide) the subscription list on the edit profile and unsubscribe page based on a condition:

- when selecting Always the subscription list is shown for everyone

- when selecting an existing static or dynamic contact group, the subscription list is only shown if the contact belongs to this contact group

In the tab Labels you can set a label for the group to be used on edit profile and unsubscribe pages:

In the contact groups overview you can quickly discover the subscription lists by the italic & fat font. To view the contacts that are subscribed or unsubscribed to a specific subscription lists, you can click the following icons:

1) This will show all the subscribed contacts to the subscription list

2) This will show all the unsubscribed contacts to the subscription list

How to use it?

The moment you implemented the subscriptions list, you’ll need to make sure that your co-workers ALWAYS use these lists when sending out a communication.

When people unsubscribe, they will be automatically unsubscribed from the correct list.

BUT when sending out a communication, you need to indicate what kind of communication it is. In our example: you need to tell the system whether you’re sending a promotional, informative or customer loyalty message.

When the system knows what type you’re sending, it will make sure it only goes to those contacts that are subscribed.

How do you do this for a promotional emailing?

Possibility 1 - the co-workers are not allowed to upload contacts and have to use the subscription lists:
The co-worker creates the promotional emailing and launches to ‘in group promotional’.

Possibility 2 – the co-workers are allowed to upload contacts:
The co-worker makes a selection in the available database (external to Addemar) and imports the list in Addemar, naming it ‘actionX’.

Correct way:

The co-worker creates the promotional emailing and launches to ‘in group actionX AND in group promotional’.

Wrong way:

The co-worker creates the promotional e-mailing and launches to ‘in group actionX’.
What happens if you use the wrong way?

The system does not know what type of emailing you’re sending and does not link to your opt-in group for promotional emailings. Therefore it will send the emailing to everyone in your selection ‘actionX’ without checking if someone already unsubscribed.

A word of advise

Create guidelines for internal use of the Addemar platform that need to be followed by all your co-workers. Make sure that it is distributed and followed up by all of them (also to new employees).