What happens to contacts that unsubscribe for a newsletter?


  • What happens to contacts who are unsubscribed?
  • Can unsubscribers still be used for launching campaigns?


What does it do?

It filters out contact who are unsubscribed, these contacts aren't used for launching campaigns.


How does it work?

We work with several mediums : Email, SMS, Print. For each of these mediums your subscribers can unsubscribe themselves.

Each medium has a seperate Unsubscribers Group. For email this is Unsubscribers EMAIL.

Once a subscriber has unsubscribed for Email, he or she is put in the Unsubscibers Email group and isn't emailed any more.

The same mechanism works for SMS and/or Print.


Are they automatically removed from a certain mailing list?

The people who are unsubscribed or are in the unsubscribers list(s) aren't removed from their specific mailing list(s). However when they are placed inside a unsubscribers list they are filtered out on launch level. 

How this is shown is described here.


Are all ‘unsubscribers ‘put in a separate group?

Yes, The unsubscribers are placed in the 'separate' group.

We have a unsubscriber group per medium inside our Application :

  • Unsubscribers EMAIL
  • Unsubscribers SMS
  • Unsubscribers PRINT