How do I manage my contact groups?

In the left navigation menu, select the segment Menu, there you have to click Contacts Groups

To create a new contact group, click the "New Group" button in the left upper action menu

A new popup will open up.

Here you need to specify what type of group and the specifications oif the group which are described below.

Two types of groups existstatic contact groups and dynamic contact groups.

  • Static contact groups consist of individual contacts assigned to these groups.

  • Dynamic contact groups are composed by rules which select, each time again, the contacts that reply to these rules.
    When you create a dynamic contact group, you create rules to select contacts. Each time you use a dynamic contact group, contacts are selected based on those rules.



Three special contact groups are by default in the contact groups overview:

  • The unsubscribers list contains all contacts that have unsubscribed and that will never receive any e-mail from your account again.

  • The reporting list contains all addresses to which the reporting e-mails are sent. You can create more reporting lists.

  • The test list contains all your test contacts. This contact group is used when you click the Test button in the Launch wizard. You can create more test lists. You will be able to choose to which test list you want to sent your test e-mail at the moment of testing.



For each contact group, you see the following information:


Name of the contact group.  Use a unique name for each contact group, so that you can recognize the contact groups later.

Number Contacts

Number of contacts in this contact group.


Static or dynamic contact group.


Description of the contact group. For your own reference.

Created on

Date of group creation.

Last update

Last time the name or the properties of the contact group, or the rules of a dynamic contact group, were updated.


On each contact group you can perform the following actions:


Click this icon to see the list contacts belonging to this contact group.


Click this icon to edit the contact group name, type and description.


Click this icon to delete the contact group. A confirmation will be asked. You can retrieve deleted contact groups in the recycle bin.

Note: The contact group is deleted, not the contacts that where in this contact group. If you want to delete contacts that belong to one contact group. Open the contact group via the icon and click  Delete contacts.


Click this icon to move the contact group to another folder.


(only for dynamic contact groups) Click this icon to view or edit the rules that define this dynamic contact group.