Can I set Bounce Policy preferences?

To set preferences for Bounces ( hard bounces and soft bounces):

  1. Go to the My Account section and open the Settings folder.

  2. Select Preferences. The preferences dialog opens up.

Bounce Policy

To set preferences: click the Bounce policy tab. 

1- You define first the action that should happen to the addresses that bounce. You have the choice between:

- no action: no action will happen on the contacts that bounced.

- unsubscribing: the contacts that bounced are added to the unsubscribers list. The will never receive any e-mail from your account anymore.

- removing: the contacts that bounced are deleted from your contacts database.

2- Then you define the number of bounces after which the contact should be removed or unsubscribed. If you choose 3 bounces, e.g. the contact will only be unsubscribed/removed after the third message that bounces at his address.

3- Finally, you can still specify whether all bounces or only consecutive bounces should be counted. If you choose only consecutive bounces, the bounce counter will be reset to 0 when a message arrives succesfully at a contact that previously bounced.

4- Do this for both hard bounces and soft bounces. Remember that soft bounces most of the time are temporary errors, that could be solved at any moment.