How can I enable mixed content in Internet Explorer?

Do you get this annoying popup in Internet explorer??

This is due to the fact that https has being implemented for security reasons in the Addemar interface, however this can/needs to be adapted by You manually inside your Internet explorer settings.

You need to follow the below described steps :

1. Add The Addemar application to your trusted sites.

Stay in the Inter options security tab. In this tab you need to click  the trusted sites.

In the popup that opens you need to add the Application url ( which is automatically loaded ) to the trusted sites.

That should remove this popup asking you each time to dsiplay mixed content.

2. Enable Mixed content to be displayed without the popup message

Open up your Internet Explorer browser and go to Tools > Internet options.
The following popup should open:

Click the Security tab.

Inside the Security tab , you need to select the Internet icon followed by clicking on the Custom level button.

In the popup that opens you need to search for Display mixed content. This needs to be set to enable.


This will remove the annoying popup!