Internet explorer 8 and the known issues with our application.

Since Internet Explorer 8 is a dying breed and microsoft themselves will stop supporting this browser in April this year, we found it usefull for you to give you a list of know issues* related to this browser.

  • Our new CK editor isn't working properly inside IE8 so we offer the old FCK editor when people are using IE8.
    • the <hr> tag  will give issues when toggling between IE8 and other supported browser like Chrome adn Firefox where Ck editor is active.
  • The new interface, which is based upon HTML5 and CSS3, will have performance issues in IE8.
  • The responsive design of the new interface isn't functioning in IE8. We noticed that IE8 coudl'nt cope with the CSS design of the new interface and hence we limited the mobile response for IE8.
  • IE8 will have issues with the mixed content ( https of our interface and the http path of images inside your creations ) , we have put a notification on the home screen when people login with IE8

* This the up-to-date list of issues related to IE8 we are aware of and which are notified to us by our customers. We strongly recommend to use more up-to-date browser as they will offer you a better User Experience inside our new interface.