How can I compare different campaigns?

  • Want to know how your campaigns score in comparison to previous campaigns?
  • Curious about your different ratios over time?


Try out our Expert Evaluate Mode!


What does it do?

  • Compare ratios of different campaign(s) (items)
  • Compare the different campaign(s) (items) in time



Navigate to Evaluate  - Campaigns.

At the top right corner you'll find the Expert evaluate mode button.


When you click the button, you can select the campaign folders and/or campaign-items you want to compare.


Next, you need to choose whether to compare in time or compare items.

Let's start to describe the Compare in time button.

There are 5 charts. You can toggle between monthly or weekly.

1. The delivery rate compared in time

2. The open-rate compared in time

3. The click-rate compared in time

4. The unsubscribe rate

5. Day of the week open-rate


Compare items will just compare the items seperately.

There are 4 different charts.

1. The delivery rate compared between items

2. The open-rate compared between items

3. The click-rate compared between items

4. The unsubscribe rate compared between items