Optimize your contacts database by using our enhanced search

  • I want to see which fields aren't filled in correctly in my contacts database
  • I want to see which people don't have a firstname and/or lastname because I use these fields inside my email for personalisation.
  • I simply want to search for empty fields.

What does it do?

We have enhanced our search mechanism in the contact segment, which allows you to search both empty and non-empty fields.

How does it work ?

Go to the segment section in our application, and open the contacts page. Here you'll need to click the button in the top right corner.

Once you have clicked this button, you'll see the search popup.

In this popup you can search your contact database. It allows you to combine different fields in your search definition. You will see the different options you can combine.

1.  Separator allows you to combine different searches. The values are AND or OR

2. Type allows you to search inside or outside of contact groups, as well as in certain fields.

3. The Operator needs to be used when you search in field values. The options allowed are shown in the screenshot below.


4. As Value you need to fill in the value for which you want to search your contact database.

Let's give an example

As a customer I want to use firstname and lastname as personalization inside my email, hence these fields can't be empty.

This is how you use our search to find out which contacts have empty fields.



This new enhancement allows you to optimize your contacta database, which in turn will enable you to send out better marketing campaigns.